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Be Bold. Share your uniquely powerful story and brand. We help challenger brands & startups find & connect with their ideal audience...and blow them away.
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Being “bold” is about courage. It’s having the guts to share your unique, vulnerable, awesomeness with the world.


The rewards can be great, but this isn’t for the faint of heart – it takes work to really dig into who you are, what you stand for, and why people should care. Together, those are the special sauce that sets you apart.


It’s powerful stuff and we’ll challenge you to share your unique vision, spunk, verve, and heart with the world because that’s what ignites and inspires communities. And, honestly, we wouldn’t want it any other way.



Be bold. Be brave enough to share your story.

Start With Story

Everybody has a story. Let's dig in to the heart and adventure of yours. We'll uncover & craft your uniquely compelling narrative.

Feel Your Boom

You're anything but ordinary and the world needs to know it. Then you'll find your people, connect, flip the switch, & blow their minds.

Defy Gravity

Step above the grind and see the 20,000 foot view. Get straight talk and insights so you can clarify, distill & launch your dreams.

Keep It Real

There's no spin cycle here. Being real is powerful. People are drawn to authenticity. Let's show who you are... undiluted.

It’s all about story (really)

Never underestimate the power of stories.


They are the way we understand our world. Their narrative goes far beyond book and movie plot lines to form the very fabric of human nature.


Stories weave their way into our psyche and define every single thing we do. Is it any surprise that understanding your narrative is key in branding? From website design to pitch decks and content creation, story is where it all starts.


You have a story. Let’s dig into your passion, history, mission and product. Together we’ll find the gems that help you to stand out and weave them together into a meaningful narrative and vision.


From websites to brand vision and content creation, we’ll help you define the essence of your company.

What We Do

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Meet Mandaline – Founder & Creative Gal

Mandaline Godown founder of Be Bold Studio and co-organizer Shesays Boulder

About That Brand

Mandaline came to branding and website development by way of an amazing network of women, a knack for clever turn of phrase, eye for design, and deep understanding of story telling. Couple that with a love for Boulder’s vibrant startup community and good things were bound to happen.


Starting Up & Building Things

Along with her work in branding and website development, Mandy also cofounded the tech startup CTRL+Console. She has lived the startup life, and uses the lessons she’s learned to build and help other entrepreneurs.


Getting Women In Tech & Startups

All this work in digital has made Mandaline a passionate advocate for gender diversity in tech. She has spoken at The White House on the need for women leadership in digital, co-organizes SheSays Boulder – a network of 900+ women in digital, and coaches on the real-world, business value of diversity and steps to help close the gap in the tech community. She also launched & is the Colorado Director for The Vinetta Project – An international org working to get more female startup founders the funding & support they deserve.



~Said nobody. Ever.

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