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Coconut Glen’s Ice Cream

Branding, Website Design
About This Project

One of the finest ice creams on the planet is made in Maui. It’s made by a joyous man who goes by island name Coconut Glen. He’s one of our favorite people and he came looking for a way to capture the playfulness, magic, health benefits, and tropical allure of their truly sensational coconut ice cream.

We donated our time and consulted with Glen to help him to envision his brand and story. We worked with him (and ate lots of non-dairy ice cream) to clarify his brand essence. Then created a website to capture the spirit of Coconut Glen’s Ice Cream – one full of laughter, wonder, aloha vibes and a dash of Willy Wonka flare. The site doesn’t get lost in whimsy but it does happen to speak in rhyme. So, it will blend seamlessly with the children’s books they’re writing and “magical” ice cream trucks.

Unfortunately, Glen worked with a local contractor who stripped some of the site’s design elements and functionality. Regardless, we love this company & their product!